What is Crypto Games, Blockchain Game, NFT Game? How to play?

by Jackky, Sunday, 29 May 2022 (3 months ago)

Crypto Games: Cryptocurrencies have played a role in helping us think about money And the use of money has changed a lot with cryptocurrencies. It was starting to become something in the mainstream of game development.

Although the crypto gaming industry also known as blockchain game and NFT game is not at a stable level. But there are fans of the game and investors who continue to follow them, not least because of the crypto games that come in the form of Decentralized.

Gaming gives players the freedom to circulate money within the game, which other games don’t usually allow players to do. which crypto games have a working mechanism and can be played in any way, let’s see what is decentralized gaming?

What is a decentralized Game?

As we all know, games are activities that are central to everything in development.

Assemble them into a central game, like skins, in-game currency, items and other in-game -items. Everything is to play. As a result, the developer becomes the owner of everything that happens in the game. And no one can do anything else within the game. But the arrival of the crypto game has completely reversed the style of this game model.

They can create their own little areas or participate directly in the game simply by checking out the items sold in-game. You are the one who buys and sells. bypasses the developer and can be transmitted directly without involving anyone other than those who trade with you, making things digital. Real-world value results in a decentralized game or “Decentralized Game”.

Decentralized gaming is not like any other game we play today. Because the assets within the crypto game are not on the server of the developer or the service provider.

This allows you to own 100% of the items earned by playing crypto games e.g. B. XP, weapons, skins that instead of stopping playing will lose their value. You can then give it away and sell it to others to get the value back.

In blockchain games, players and developers are on the same page, meaning no one can control the outcome of the game that will take place in the future. And everyone can also collectively analyze the code used in all blockchain-based games.

This provides transparency for both players and developers. This means that if a developer adds an update that the game community doesn’t appreciate, they can pull the code out of the game and create a new version of the build.

What are Non-Fungible Tokens?

Non-Fungible Tokens, commonly abbreviated as “NFT”, is what we call digital assets that exist on the blockchain, NFT, they can be in-game items, artwork, rare skins or anything electronic that cannot be replaced.

Most NFTs are discovered on the Ethereum chain, but almost all cryptocurrencies are. It’s free to use NFTs in your own way, and these NFTs aren’t just limited to games. Plus, they can be used in a thousand other ways.

Only one user owns this NFT, and each one is unique. Metadata always has unique properties associated with each NFT and because NFTs are limited in number and cannot be forged or duplicate skins, heroes, items or others within the game.

Assets are all NFTs in the crypto gaming world. Where you can sell your NFTs earned playing crypto games. In the digital asset marketThe NFT is irreplaceable. The cryptocurrency itself, Bitcoin, on the other hand, has other substitutes.

For example, if two people own bitcoin, they are both considered the same good and have the same value.

Games created from blockchain technology

the crypto games will use blockchain technology in some way. (For this reason, it is also known as the “blockchain game”.) Or it is used as the basis of all games. Or is it only used as a financial system in the game?

When the game is based on a chain of blocks All actions that take place within the game are saved and confirmed as new blocks in the game’s chain.But if a game only uses NFT (may also be called “NFT game”) for in-game assets so players can exchange it for real money, those games will take center stage.

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How to start playing Crypto Games?

First, you need to start buying cryptocurrencies to play cryptocurrency games. For example, here is a game based on the Ethereum chain, so you need ETH to play. Game You can exchange your base currency (Fiat Money) for cryptocurrency through any of the available exchanges (e.g. Zipmex, Bitkub, Bitazza, Satang Pro, Binance, etc.).

Once you have ETH in hand, you will also need a crypto wallet to hold your crypto in order to do future trades with the game and with other players (if applicable).

Crypto Games List to play?

1-collectable Game
Collectable Game or “Collectible Game” is a game at the core of the blockchain and crypto gaming world. As the name suggests, this type of game focuses on collecting various items within the game.

Collective Games

Collect pets, collect heroes, collect weapons or whatever the core of the game is to increase your fortune in the game. And it can be used to trade, barter, or advance within the game.and may increase in value etc.

2-Role-Playing Game

Role-Playing Games (RPGs)
(RPG) In role-playing games, or RPGs, players control characters who must engage in real-time battles. Play the game in different game formats like hack and slash, shooting games etc. There are currently few such games on the blockchain.

3-OpenWorld Game

Open world game

OpenWorld Game is an open world exploration game. In the crypto world, the game is built in the form of all crypto assets. In this type of game you can buy land with real money and manage it to customize it with people. , buildings, plants etc. or even sell them to other players for real money.


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