Special WhatsApp New Features 2022


Whatsapp is introducing a Communities feature that will allow users to create groups and bring them together under a single Community.

Larger group size 

WhatsApp is increasing the group limit to 512 people from the current allowed 256 people.

More Emoji reactions

WhatsApp is introducing a new emoji reaction feature that allows users to react to chat messages using Emojis. Currently, reactions are limited to 6 emojis.

Admins to delete unwanted messages

WhatsApp is planning to add a feature in 2022 which will allow admins to delete certain messages from group chats. This will help Admins to Delete Group Messages.

More participants in voice calls

WhatsApp has announced that it is increasing the group voice call limit to up to 32 people.

Chat filters

WhatsApp is introducing chat filters. This feature will allow users to block certain words or phrases from appearing in their conversations.


WhatsApp is set to add polls functionality in a future update, allowing users to create group polls with up to twelve options.

Instagram Reels on WhatsApp

WhatsApp is planning to allow users to watch Instagram Reels directly from the app.

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