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Android Tricks No one wants you to know

Floating Keyboard

Floating Keyboard can Float Anywhere on The Screen To Use Max Screen.

WhatsApp Chat Shortcut

Add Chat shortcut of any individual or group Whatsapp chat to the home screen for easy chat.

Double up the Charging speed

Double the Charging Speed then Simple Pull down the Notification Bar and Put the Phone in Airplane Mode.

Triple Tap to Zoom

Open Settings>Tap on System> Accessibility> Magnification> Choose Magnify with triple-tap or Magnify with shortcut Enable or disable Use service

Floating Shutter Button for Camera

You can now have a floating camera shutter button> Open Cam Setting> Select Shooting Methods>On Floating Shutter Button

Offline Google Maps

Offline Google Maps can be handy and useful during journeys or at places where Internet Network Has Issues.

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