Just Cause: Mobile is now available in Some regions of world

by Jackky, Friday, 22 April 2022 (4 months ago)

Just Cause Mobile was soft-launched in selected areas late last year. It’s currently available in Early Access in a number of comparable countries, as well as a few others. Because today’s game debuts are so perplexing.

You may download and play an updated version of the game right now if you live in Singapore, Malaysia, the Philippines, or Thailand. What exactly do those updates have? The latest edition includes 30 player triple-threat multiplayer combat, clan conflicts, and the option to employ a grapple, wingsuit, parachute, and other vehicles, according to a post on the game’s Twitter page. Which seem like things that should be the game’s foundation anyhow.

It’s very hard to say where this all leaves us in terms of a worldwide release. It may arrive in a matter of weeks or it could take a year. We’ll simply have to wait and see what happens.

Square Enix has decided to start throwing events similar to Nintendo’s Directs, and so today was the first Square Enix Presents. During this event, Square released a new cinematic trailer for the upcoming mobile version of Just Cause, which you can watch above.

Oddly enough, this trailer doesn’t reveal much about the game since it’s a cinematic, so we’re basically at the same point we were in December when Square first announced Just Cause: Mobile. You’d think the studio would have something to show after four months, especially since the game is supposed to be releasing sometime this year. So here’s hoping Square eventually finds the courage to show us what the game looks like in action before it’s released. Until then, have fun watching the second cinematic trailer for Just Cause: Mobile.

The official Twitter account for Just Cause: Mobile has released a statement letting fans know the game has been delayed until 2022. Initially, Just Cause: Mobile was supposed to land sometime in 2021, and Square Enix even released a new trailer back in March to hype this upcoming release. It would seem the excuse is that COVID impacted development, though that doesn’t really line up with the trailer released a couple of months back, but it sure explains why there was zero gameplay in that trailer. So even though it looks like Square knew well before today that Just Cause: Mobile wasn’t on track, at least it’s now official that it won’t arrive this year.

So perhaps this delay is a good thing, allowing Square time to polish Just Cause: Mobile to an acceptable state. While I don’t have much hope for the game since we already know it will be free-to-play, I’d rather it be late and polished instead of on-time and a disaster.

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