Gaming Mobile Buying Guide to run Mobile Superfast: 5 Tips

by Jackky, Sunday, 8 May 2022 (4 months ago)

Gaming Mobile Buying Guide : Want to buy a gaming phone but are getting confused among the many mobiles of many brands in the market, so today we are going to tell you some important things which are very important to keep in mind. Taking a gaming phone means buying such a great handset that is equipped with performance, fast storage and strong chipset. Let us give you detailed information about what are the things that are very important to know when you are going to buy a gaming phone, especially for yourself.

Top 5 Gaming Mobile Buying Guide Tips:

1) Internal specification is very important
If you are going to buy a gaming phone, then the first and most important aspect is to pay attention to the chipset and other internal specifications. If you are taking a phone for gaming, then you should have a fast handset, for good performance, you can buy mobiles with at least Snapdragon 700 or Snapdragon 800 series processors. If you want, you can also buy phones equipped with powerful MediaTek chipset such as Dimensity 1000 or Dimensity 1200 chipset.

Apart from the chipset, it is equally important to have enough RAM and fast internal storage in the phone as much as the presence of a powerful processor. If you are buying for gaming, then buy a device with at least 8 GB RAM so that you do not have any problems while running heavy games.

You can go for handsets with UFS 2.1 storage, but for faster load times of apps and games, preference should be given to handsets with faster UFS 2.2, UFS 3.0 or UFS 3.1 storage. Also make sure that there should be enough storage space in the phone as some games have large file size and this file size becomes even bigger if there are any additional download files.

2) Touch sampling rate
There is one more important aspect that most people do not pay attention to while buying Gaming Mobile and that is the touch sampling rate. Your phone’s touch sampling rate screen determines how quickly the game reacts to your touches on the display. This means the higher it is, the better but still there should be at least 180 Hz touch sampling rate.

3) Screen and refresh rate
To have a great gaming experience, always remember that your phone should have a high-resolution screen, the screen found in gaming phones usually comes with 90 Hz or 120 Hz refresh rate support. For your information of you people, let us tell you that the high refresh rate display shows you more frames per second than the 60Hz screen.

4) cooling
If you also do gaming on your phone, then the mobile gets hot and it is important to have good cooling before the heating affects the performance of your processor. Advanced form of cooling mechanism has been used in many gaming smartphones launched for gaming. In the market, you will find many such gaming smartphones that come with cooling technology, you have to choose a great option for yourself.

5) Battery Capacity and Charging Speed
The more you do gaming in mobile, the faster your phone’s battery will be consumed, so before taking a new gaming phone, keep in mind that the battery capacity of your phone should be good. One thing that is especially noteworthy here is that high refresh rate, high graphics settings and high resolution in game settings are also a reason for battery consumption.

In order to get good battery life during gaming for hours, the mobile must have at least 4500 mAh battery. Charging speed also plays an important role in the phone, but it is often advised that it is better to buy a phone with a higher charging speed with a lower capacity battery than to buy a higher capacity battery.


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