5 Fun Ways to Play Drinking Games to Play with Friends

by Jackky, Sunday, 5 June 2022 (3 months ago)

5 Fun Ways to Play Drinking Games to Play with Friends

Drinking Games to Play with Friends: Drinking games are some of the most fun activities you can do while hanging out with friends. Instead of watching Tv, Mobile and Movies, To have Fun playing a drinking game gets everybody Active and Involved in Fun

Playing drinking games online is not only a lot more convenient than doing so in person, but it’s also way more fun since you don’t have to worry about anyone stealing your drink or getting bored halfway through the game. Whether you prefer card games, board games, trivia games, charades or any other type of drinking game – we’ve got plenty for you to choose from.

With Your Friends, here are 5 fun ways to play drinking games online, Jump in and Enjoy with your Buddies.

Play Listing Games For Drinking Fun

Listing games are exactly what they sound like. You list beverages, foods or activities you would like your fellow drinkers to perform while drinking. These games are perfect for any gathering where there are multiple drinkers. For example, if you are drinking with a bunch of friends who love horror movies, you could suggest a drinking game where one person drinks every time they hear the word ‘jump’ in a horror movie.

This game is especially fun if you have several people drinking every time someone says ‘jump’ in a horror movie. Another fun variation of this game is to drink every time someone says something that goes against the general drinking theme. This can create some very interesting drinking games.

Set a Drinking Goal

Some of your friends might be alcoholics. If that’s the case, then you might have to set a drinking goal for them. This is not about getting them drunk, but about setting a certain amount of drinks they will have to consume in order to be considered ‘drunk’. For example, if your goal is to get each person to drink two beers while at the party, then they were ‘drunk’.

You can also set a drinking goal to get everyone to drink a certain number of drinks per person. If you are hosting a Party with your Friends Drinking Goal Game can be a very Great And Fun activity.

Create a Group Quiz

One of the best ways to play drinking games online is to create a group quiz. This is especially useful if you are drinking with friends who are good at stories, trivia buffs or are all into competitive games.

Be sure to create a quiz that is easy enough for everyone to participate in, but challenging enough to make them feel competitive with one another. This game is for Competitive Drinking Fun Moment. You can also create quizzes based on a theme or on a certain topic such as movies, foods, famous people, songs, etc.

Play Hangman

Hangman is one of the most classic drinking games you can play online. This game is normally played with 4 people who take turns guessing letters that spell out a word. The first person to guess the puzzle Question correctly wins the next round of drinks in the Drinking Game.

You can play this game with as many people as you want and it’s a great drinking game because it doesn’t require you to be in the same location or get everyone together in one spot. You can even play this game online and it is a lot of fun because you can change the word each time and see who has the best hangman skills.

Play Cards Against Humanity

Cards against humanity is a great drinking game if you have a group of friends who are into dirty jokes and humour. This is a very creative game where one person asks a question and everyone else writes down a dirty answer that could be anything from bodily functions to sexual acts.

This game works best with a group of at least six people and can be played either in a group chat or through a website. You can play this drinking game in many different ways depending on how you decide to set it up. You can play the game with a specific set of questions, with a set number of questions to answer or with a specific answer.

Make Your Game More Exciting With Scavenger Hunts

Scavenger hunts are a great way to make a drinking game more exciting if your friends are not too into card games or board games. Scavenger hunts are fun because you can choose to incorporate almost anything you want.

For example, you can set up a scavenger hunt where the object is to find a certain object or retrieve a certain item. You can also make your scavenger hunt more exciting by making it part of a competition with a reward for the winner.

You can also incorporate a drinking game into a scavenger hunt by asking people to participate in the drinking game while completing the scavenger hunt. This makes the drinking game even more exciting.

Unroll a game of dice

If you are out of ideas for great drinking games online, then why not try unrolling a game of dice? This is a very simple game that involves rolling a number of dice and whoever gets the highest number wins a certain number of drinks. You can play this drinking game with as many people as you want and it can be played anywhere.

It’s also a great drinking game to play when you are drinking with your friends in a bar or a club because it doesn’t require you to be at a specific location. As with all drinking games, it is helpful to have a rulebook. This will help you keep the game moving along smoothly and keep everyone in the game.


Drinking games are a great way to enjoy a few drinks with friends and unwind from the day. However, most drinking games are difficult to find, expensive, and require too much time to play.

If you want to play drinking games online, you do not have to find and reserve a table at a bar and wait for friends to show up. Simply sign up for a drinking game website, find a friend who wants to play, and begin the drinking game without fail.

These drinking games are perfect for any occasion, whether you’re at a house party or watching a movie with your significant other. Just make sure to drink responsibly and safely to ensure your health and well-being.

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